Advice In Casting Design: Capable And Personal. 

Wolfensberger cast engineering gets down to the nitty-gritty of design ideas in targeted manner. Allowing for all relevant influencing factors - material requirements, castability, machinability and cost optimisation - we adapt castings to customer requirements and design them suitably for the casting process. 

Computer-aided Solidification Simulation: Taking New Approaches.

For years now, computer-aided simulation processes have offered diverse options for design of castings. Thus, traditional, cost-intensive casting development by conducting casting trials is being replaced by professional solidification simulation. This achieves a reduction in development time and eliminates sources of error in casting design. 

Virtual trialling of casting design of components, suitably for the casting process, has been used successfully by Wolfensberger cast engineering for years now. All new parts run through a solidification simulation in our Engineering Department in order to be able to ensure launch of series production with no errors. 

Rapid Prototyping Während Der Entwicklungsphase: Schneller Zum Ziel. 

Das 3D-Druckverfahren ermöglicht die Herstellung von Sandformen und leistet während der Entwicklungsphase eines Kundenteils einen hohen Beitrag, diese möglichst kosten- und zeiteffizient zu gestalten: Teure Modellkosten fallen für die Produktion von Prototypen weg und die Entwicklungszeiten können erheblich verkürzt werden.

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Our Strengths – Your Benefit
  • Achieving your targets quickly and in a cost-saving manner
  • Elimination of errors by solidification simulation
  • Fast throughput of close-to-production samples
  • Materials are designed to comply with component requirements
  • Component optimisation considering all relevant influencing factors