Wolfensberger: More than a partner for castings.

As an all-rounder we also provide logistics services as well as consulting and parts casting and machining. This includes the procurement of outsourced parts, the administration of master orders and the assembly of components. We store finished parts and pack them ready for shipment on call within Europe or overseas according to the requirements needed.

As a logistic partner we provide:
  • Handling and administrating of frame contracts
  • Purchasing of bought-in parts (such as fittings, screws, seals, etc.)
  • Assembling of entier mechanical components (incl. supplementary employments such as welding, soldering, adhesive bonding, etc.)
  • Conducting of heat treatments
  • Conducting of surface treatments
  • Stock management (according to customers forecast)
  • Strategic planning and coordination with sub-suppliers and associated companies
  • Special packaging (for example seaworthy packaging for overseas)