Wolfensberger – Your Partner For Steel And Iron Alloys. 

We can respond to specific customer wishes thanks to our experienced team of metallurgists and our materials laboratory with its modern equipment. Right from the development phase our experts work with your designers and engineers to develop customized material alloys that meet your specific needs. 

Furthermore, our Metallurgy Department guarantees the perfect quality of alloys that have been used for the series production of castings for years: alloyed cast iron with spheroidal graphite (Ni-Resist), wear-resistant cast iron, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant and cast stainless steel high-temperature resistant nickel and cobalt-based alloys.

"We Adapt The Material To Your Needs" 


Laboratory Equipment And
Test Capabilities;
  • OES spectral analyser
  • (capable of determining 32 alloy elements)
  • Carbon and sulphur analysis instrument
  • Metallographic examinations
  • Tensile test
  • Notched-bar impact bending test


Information On
Other Metallurgical Activities 

Wolfensberger AG
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von Daimler AG, Deutschland.