Good result irrespective of volatile environment


In 2011, Wolfensberger AG increased sales to CHF 61 million - more than 20% compared with the previous year. In addition to strong sales growth, numerous measures geared towards improving efficiency played a part in the good year-end results of the foundry and machining company. The fact that Wolfensberger was again able to create 30 new jobs in 2011 is particularly pleasing. In the past four years the worldwide volatile environment gave rise to unusually large fluctuations in sales. Companies therefore need to be extremely flexible in all areas.

The last few years’ operations of the global company from the Zurich Highlands have been characterised by huge upward and downward swings. A record year in 2008 was followed by a hugely difficult year of crisis in 2009. While 2010 was characterised by stabilisation, 2011 again saw a moderate surge. The supplier industry worldwide now sees itself having to accept these abrupt changes in sales and business development. They are part of the underlying conditions of a globally linked economy. To exist in such an environment, the company’s competitiveness needs to be kept permanently high. For Wolfensberger AG this means a flexible alignment of structures in line with the markets, rendering the company’s own processes lean and efficient, and keeping costs low.

Good result despite strong franc
The swift and flexible adjustments in line with the markets paid off in 2011: on the whole Wolfensberger emerged from the crisis stronger, and in the past financial year saw a satisfying result with sales of CHF 61 million (previous year CHF 51 million). The good result meant our expectations were clearly exceeded. The good result is all the more amazing because the strong franc rendered the difficult underlying conditions even more unfavourable for the company. About 95 % of Wolfensberger AG’s products directly or indirectly account for imports, whereby the company is hugely affected by currency fluctuations. However, the company managed, in part, to defuse the unfavourable exchange rate development by way of the increased procurement in the euro zone and the considerable efficiency increases.

The good corporate performance is attributable to strong customer loyalty. By specialising in parts for major diesel turbochargers and hydrodynamic brakes for commercial vehicles and other high-performance applications made of stainless steel, Wolfensberger AG has positioned itself for its customers as a partner which supplies products that are indispensable even in the case of unfavourable underlying conditions. The company countered the huge price pressure with a wide-ranging cost reduction programme. Lean structures meant that significant improvements in the result were achieved as early as 2011. Additional steps are planned for the coming months to further reinforce competitiveness.

Cautiously optimistic for 2012
Market volatility has never been as severe as in the past few years. Due to uncertainties regarding the further development of the world economy, customers in the foundry and machining sector are very reserved in their approach. Wolfensberger AG therefore expects to see a drop in sales this year. The current orders on hand are below the previous year’s figures. This resulted in short-time work in some of the company’s departments from February 2012.

However, in the medium-term Wolfensberger AG has reason to be optimistic thanks to its quality products and sound market position. Nevertheless, this is conditional on an economic recovery, above all in Germany. The company is well-placed for the economic recovery. Wolfensberger AG enjoys the role of development partner for renowned customers such as ABB, MAN, Daimler, KSB, Sulzer and Voith, and is seen as an excellent problem-solver for particularly demanding applications. The various customer projects that Wolfensberger is currently working on will translate into future orders. Expanding the engineering department has already produced initial results.

Sand Casting: Expansion of our hand moulding facilities


After successfully completing the expansion of our hand moulding facilities Wolfensberger offers following new capacities:

  • Minimal flask size: 2000 x 2000 mm
  • Maximal melting capacity: 2800 kg
  • Maximal raw cast weight: 1500 kg - 2000 kg (depending on part shape)
  • Maximal raw cast dimension (LxWxH): 1800 x 1800 x 1000 mm

The filling of the flasks (furan resin bonded sand) in the largely extended and optimized hand moulding section is carried out by a large sand mixer. The moulds are transported via a pallet conveyer handling system to the coating and core assembly section. The assembly of the moulds takes place in the adjacent casting bay section.

The casting of large castings is carried out in our new casting pit. The capacities of our fettling shop and heat treatment facilities have been enlarged accordingly.

For further information please contact our sales team.

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