Iron Alloys

Cast Iron For Special Applications. 

Wolfensberger has been manufacturing austenitic cast iron with spheroidal graphite (Ni-Resist) and wear-resistant cast iron for years. 

Austenitic cast irons with spheroidal graphite have special technical and physical properties which make them suitable for many applications under extreme conditions. Their principal features are as follows: resistance to corrosion, scale and temperature change, high ductility, resistance to wear and erosion, good running characteristics, toughness at subzero temperatures and non-magnetizability.  

Wear-resistant cast irons of the chromium cast iron and Ni-Hard families are known for their high resistance to wear. They are used preferably where non-metallic materials cause abrasive wear, for example minerals in crushing, mixing and conveyor systems. A high proportion of iron or chromium carbides is embedded in the crystal structure of these wear-resistant grades of cast iron, and these act as hardeners. The harder the material becomes compared with the abrasive medium it is in contact with, the less wear occurs due to micro splintering at the contact surfaces. This in turn extends the service life of the tool or equipment, with resulting cost benefits and advantages for the application. Differing chromium contents give these materials a medium to high resistance to corrosive attack.