Sand Casting

Flexible Solutions Using Proven Processes. 

Our sand casting process can successfully cast small to medium serial items in a wide variaty of alloys. We individual castings in our hand-moulding shop and use our boxless, cold-resin block moulding plant or automatic core block moulding machine for large production runs.

3D Printing System – Innovative Possibilities. 

Our innovative 3D printing system allows for new possibilities: Based on CAD data we are able to produce sand moulds and cores for prototypes, single spare parts and complex serial parts. Not only are the development times reduced, pattern costs are eliminated and our customers benefit from increased engineering opportunities. 

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Sand Casting Products



Unit weight: 18.1 kg, Dimensions: 250 x 145 x 75 mm
Material: G-X 40 CrSi 29 (1.4776)
Batch size: 20/30 pieces
supplied machined, ready to be installed

Target Setting

Corrosion and temperature change resistant, distortion-free mounting flange with a strict dimensional tolerance for low pressure die-casting plants, supplied machined and ready to be installed.


Heat-resistant cast steel on a moulding plant. The best requirements are fulfilled with the cold resin process in an economical way. Machining in our workshops with a combination of turning and milling operations on the special material; supply that is ready-to-install. Close tolerance for cone, position of the keyway and external edges.



Unit weight: 20 to 1.500 kg
Material: GX2CrNiMoN 26-6-3 (1.4468), Inconel 625, GX4CrNi 13-4 (1.4317), GX5CrNiMo 19-11-2 (1.4408)
Batch size: 2 to 20 pieces

Target Setting

Possibility of using only one pattern for casting various corrosion-resistant cast steel materials. Strict requirements for the surface and flatness.


Our in-house pattern shop ensures efficient change-over of casting systems, suited to the cast material concerned, so that costs for additional pattern setups are saved. The mould sand is adapted to the properties of the material to be cast and guarantees uniform surface quality.



Unit weight: 15 to 1,000 kg, depending on application
Material: EN-GJN-HV600 (EN-JN3029) (previously G-X 300 CrMo 15-3) EN-GJSA-XNiCr20-2 (EN-JS3011) (Ni-Resist) GX2CrNiMoN 25-6-3 (1.4468)
Batch size: 1 to 30 pieces

Target Setting

Production of a standard housing for pumps in various materials and sizes dependent on the area of application and the fluid used.


Wide selection and broad experience in wear and corrosion-resistant materials. Flexible manufacture depending upon batch sizes as manual casting (large single pieces) or upon moulding plant. Pump housing for desalination plants or alkaline media in the chemical or paper processing industry are supplied from austenitic cast parts. Depending upon material, Ni-Resist provides further particular qualities such as resistance to scaling, high resistance to hot temperature and toughness at subzero temperatures. What are also of interest are thermal ductility, non-magnetizability and resistance to erosion and cavitation. Used with success where there are high demands in terms of resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion with chloride-based media such as DUPLEX (GX 2GNiMoN 25-6-3).



Unit weight: 10 to 30 kg
Material: EN-GJN-HV600 (EN-JN 3029) (previously G-X 300 CrMo 15 3)
Batch size: 50 to 300 pieces
including machining ready for installation

Target Setting

Machined ready for installation, hardened to over 60 HRC to withstand use in concrete processing machines (high abrasion).


This wear-resistant alloyed cast-iron material offers the great advantage that it has a continuous hardness of more than 60 HRC and can consequently achieve very long service lives. The friction discs hardened to a continuous hardness of over 60 HRC are ground to the assembly dimension in our grinding shop.

Our Sand Casting

Cold-resin Block Moulding Plant
  • Mould sizes 600 x 600 x 150/150 mm to 1200 x 1200 x 420/420 mm 
  • Batches of 10, 20, 50, 100 units
  • Part weights from 5 to 200 kg (rough casting weight)
  • Up to 100 cast iron and steel materials

    Automatic Core Block Moulding Machine

  • Mould sizes 400 x 400 x 400 mm /
    Ø 400 x 400 mm
  • Minimum batches of 60 moulds
  • Part weights from 1 to 20 kg (rough casting weight)
  • Up to100 cast iron and steel materials
  • Largest box 2000 x 2000 mm
  • Small batches of 1 to 10 units
  • Part weights from 5 to 800 kg (rough casting weight)
  • Up to 100 cast iron and steel materials