Thin-walled cast steel

Ahead of the present

We can look back on many years’ experience in the manufacture of thin-walled cast components. With our Exacast® precision casting process we have already demonstrated that wall thicknesses < 1mm are both feasible and economically viable. As an innovation-driven company, we are extending our knowledge in the field of steel sand casting, focussing on the economic manufacture of thin-walled and efficient cast steel components using the low-pressure steel casting process, predominantly for automotive applications.

We are proud to say that we have achieved the first proof of process and suitability for series production, in which in mostly manual and semi-automatic operation we achieved a remarkably low cycle time with a high yield and a reject rate of below 5%.

This provides the following advantages for applications in thin-walled steel casting:
  • Freedom in casting design
  • Efficient implementation of topologically optimised geometries for enhanced component effectiveness
  • Stiffness advantage of steel casting compared to aluminium pressure die casting or jointed sheet metal assemblies
  • Potential for weight and assembly space benefits for an appropriate box mass of 500 mm3