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Solutions from Wolfensberger are also in demand in the energy sector, the pump industry, in general mechanical engineering and in the food industry.

What you need to know about Wolfensberger Investment Casting

Wolfensberger AG is specialised in precision casting - an alternative to the conventional investment casting process - and is a preferred steel foundry partner of clients from a wide range of sectors. Where investment casting processes reach their technical boundaries such as possible casting weights or position and shape tolerances the Exacast® precision casting process is able to offer a solution.

What is Wolfensberger investment casting?

Investment casting was developed over 5,500 years ago and is nowadays one of the most widely used casting process in steel foundries. The Ancient Chinese and Egyptians used investment casting to create numerous intricate parts that were used for everyday objects and machinery. Today, investment casting has transformed the way we live. For our investment casting process we use a high-temperature-resistant supporting mould as a load-bearing structure for the casting mould. Between this supporting mould and the pattern a fluid ceramic slurry fills the cavities and reproduces all contours precisely. After removing the mould from the pattern the moulds run through a burning process before filling these hot moulds with molten metal.

You will find further information about the possibilities of our precision casting process on our website. Please contact us directly in case of any question as we are happy to explain the advantages of our precision casting process compared to the conventional investment casting process.

Wolfensberger AG: taking investment casting to the next level

Wolfensberger AG is a family run company founded in 1924. With almost a century of experience in steel foundry processes such as investment casting, Wolfensberger continually strives to find innovative investment casting solutions that combine Swiss precision with the latest advances in machining and technology. An established investment casting process enables us to deliver flexible solutions quickly and competently. As an excellent alternative to conventional investment casting methods, our Exacast® ceramic precision casting methods is the ideal option in case you need investment casting precision for parts up to 400 kg. Exacast® was fully developed by Wolfensberger and has a number of advantages such as investment casting quality with higher casting weights over small and medium batch sizes. It is also suitable for parts where stringent dimensional tolerance, thin-walled section demands and surface quality are main factors and it can be adapted for a vast range of materials. Wolfensberger AG is experienced in every aspect of this special investment casting method, from materials and their application as well as metallurgy and casting engineering. A laboratory with state-of-the-art facilities is at the disposal of clients who demand the highest quality standards.

Wolfensberger works with clients through each step of the process from the initial consultation to final machining, packaging and shipping. Our team is happy to develop complex investment casting solutions that draw on our many years of experience and practical knowledge. You need more information about our special investment casting process and its possibilities? Take a look at or contact our highly qualified team.

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A highly motivated team of about 200 employees are at your command – please contact us.