Since its grounding in 1924, Wolfensberger has served many leading companies.

We offer our customers assistance in meeting a very wide variety of challenges. Regardless of whether it is reducing the total costs of a system component, manufacturing complex castings, shortening throughput times or competently supporting your subcontracting system. Our expertise will help you.

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Right from our initial contact with you, we work together actively with you as a competent casting and materials-engineering partner.

Our specialists will advise you in all matters relating to casting processes, materials and machining.

We also provide competent support for individual problems and develop new and innovative solutions in cooperation with you.

We, as experts in sand casting, precision casting Exacast® and machining, offer you many years of specialist competence which has proven its worth over time.

Nozzle ring


Kombination Masshaltigkeit, Oberflächengüte & und Dünnwandigkeit der
Schaufeln bestimmen Wirkungsgrad des Turboladers

→ Lösung: Exacast.

Oberflächengüte dank keramischen Formstoff, Masshaltigkeit dank Formstoff & Modelltechnik, Dünnwandigkeit dank Formstoff und Giessverfahren (giessen in heisse Formen)

  • Unit weight: 2 to 120 kg
  • Heat resistant steel casting, nickel-base alloys
  • Diameter 200 to 1000 mm
  • Dimensional tolerance up to D3 (VDG information sheet P690)
    Better long-life cycle than former solutions (welded assembly)
  • Over 12’000 nozzle rings per year
  • 100 different types
  • 3’000 possible combinations
  • Quality inspection: computer based inspection system, direct transmission to customer




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Lower costs thanks to weight saving

Driver Hub

Customer's specification

Weight saving by comparison with welded design and high resistance to corrosion.

Wolfensberger solution

Optimised, casting-compatible shaping has made it possible to reduce the weight by one third. The DUPLEX steel used (GX2CrNiMoN 26-6-3/1.4468) meets the very stringent corrosion-resistance requirements (lyes and aggressive chemicals etc.).

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Full-service partner

Chain Link

Customer's specification

Maximum-quality component, ready to install.

Wolfensberger solution

We, as a prime contractor, are able to cover the entire value-added chain. Since we have acted as a strategic partner for many years now, we are able to offer all required machining and treatment steps. This means that the customer is able to focus on his own core competences.

Other examples of Sand Casting products

Reduced machining costs thanks to precision casting


Customer's specification

Reducing the high machining costs.

Wolfensberger solution

It was possible to cut around two thirds of the original machining requirements by true-to-contour casting of the Pelton bowls using the ceramic precision casting Exacast®.

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Precise true contouring thanks to 3D-printed cores


Customer's specification

Very true contouring using the sand-casting method.

Wolfensberger solution

The conventional manufacturing method with multi-part core segments was able to be replaced and it was possible to achieve better true contouring using a monobloc core produced by digital printing.

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